Apostolic Lighthouse
United Pentecostal Church
Church Leaders:  Pastor Daryl Scott
                   Assistant Pastor Vincent Pryce
            Youth Pastor Keith Acedo
                Secretary Sister Vicki Hicks

Sunday School:      We have Classes on Sundays starting at 3:00pm
                                       Toddler ages 2-5
                                       Beginner ages 6-9
                                 Junior ages 10-12
                         Teen ages 13-18

Children's Church:   This is a combined group effort. Helpers change each time. Every other month we dedicate one full
Sunday service to children. We enjoy doing Puppet shows, singing songs,  playing games, and much more. Everyone enjoys
this special  service; adults as well as children. All are invited to join us.

Cleaning Ministry: We have a few faithful families that take a part in keeping the house of God clean.
The Hicks, Scheetz, Pryce, Acedo, Penrod, Cadiz,Angeletti, and Scott.

The church is the body of Christ and is fitly joined together.
Working together in unity is the only way to do it.
Thank you for every person doing their part, every part is important!